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What is Cladding

Posted at: 11:43am , 5 Mar 2018, by HM Construction
What is Cladding

Cladding is a facing material that is either fixed directly to the wall (as in stone cladding) or nailed on to timber battens (as in feather edge or shiplap boarding). Its purpose is to protect the wall beneath and add to the aesthetic appeal of the building. What’s more, well designed, properly installed and high quality cladding can help to maximise thermal performance.

Traditional housebuilding techniques in this country were based around using local materials and often reflected the countryside in which they were built:

  • In stone belts, walls were built out of the stone found in nearby quarries.
  • In forested areas, timber was used.
  • Brick factories supplied walls in the clay areas.
  • Various mortars and renders were applied to homes built near the sea, often using pebbles found on the beach. 


Timber Cladding 

Timber cladding is an increasingly popular choice for finishing the outside of commercial and domestic properties. Otherwise known as timber weatherboarding or  timber siding, it is an attractive and economical way to finish the exterior of both old and new buildings. Naturally durable woods such as larch and cedar provide a hard wearing, protective layer against the elements and they are excellent insulators.

Many different species of wood are suitable for exterior timber cladding because of their natural resistance to decay. Traditional British timbers such as oak, elm, sweet chestnut, western red cedar and larch have been used as timber cladding for hundreds of years to protect houses from the elements. 


PVC Cladding 

PVC cladding was developed in Europe in the 1970s. It was used as a decorative interior wall finish and had unique properties compared to other wall cladding at the time. PVC panels usually have a hollow core and are lightweight with a smooth surface for decoration and a tongue-and-groove system for easy installation.


Mixed Cladding

Mixed reclaimed timbers milled for cladding for many end users including private individuals, restaurants and property projects. All timber supplied has provenance of some sort and we like to supply details of this along with pictures where possible. A choice of finishes is offered whether it be sand blasted, cleaned using high pressure air tools or simply pressure washed and cut to size. Our reclaimed cladding comes in many different shades of tropical colours and natural grainy textures.

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